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Unbelievable and unbearable: still big cruises going through the Lagoon of Venice.

It was a sunny Saturday, I was in Sant’Erasmo with some friends when all of a sudden all the barchini (the small boats you use to go around Venice and the lagoon) started to run away and the sea began to swell. That horizon we were blending in with that day since we arrived to the island wasn’t the same anymore, a new presence was ruling it with the power that only a capitalistic usurper can show. It is a problem of scale, of proportions and when you don't respect proportions, appealing to my architectural studies, the fatal mess takes over. It is about sensibility and balance, nature and artifice, allowable and unacceptable, and it takes literally zero seconds to go that step further beyond the point of no return. "Homo faber fortunae suae" and not a single type of fortune may come if the path doesn’t get changed for a more proportionated, balanced and so more respectful one. For us, for everything and everyone.

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