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Ugo Rondinone, The Sun II

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Walking around the city, especially in the period of Biennale Arte, every second is an opportunity for unexpected encounters with the installations and exhibitions of young and emerging artists as well as the ones of some of the most famous names on the contemporary scene. This is the case of the installation "The Sun II" by Ugo Rondinone, which acts as a warning and a reminder for his other site-specific works located within the spaces of the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista. Arriving in front of the decorated portal of the septum, you can glimpse the monumental golden sun that dialogues beautifully with the space of the small square in which it is located: a sculpture about five meters high, made up of tree branches cast in bronze and gilded by the artist.

The symbol of the sun is presented as a means of discovery and research for the potential of sculpture, also representing a celebration of life, being a source of light for all the living beings on earth. It is an all-encompassing sun that, in dialogue with the other installations that the artist designed for the occasion, wants to generate and question a contemporary version of the sublime. Which better city could Rondinone choose to reason on these themes?

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