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My practice: a post-disciplinary tale

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I like to describe my modus operandi as a continuous and holistic exploration of contingencies and oxymorons. Combining my work as a photographer, content creator, stylist, PR and communication consultant with my design, curatorial and artistic practice, I believe in the transversality of concepts and knowledge, and their concatenation.


I always prefer project-led explorations towards a responsible approach to practice, preferring the knowledge rather than spectacular forms. I am looking for an updating of traditional materials and their application, rather than importing obsolete solutions. I care about details aiming for a pragmatic evolution of a bespoke creativity.

Referring to photography, the first medium I approached since I was 10 years old, the scale of my response to a given or self-given brief can vary from the landscape to the macro and passing trough all the focal lengths in between. Always avoiding pre-conceived routes, I set every project as a sort of retrospective of what I did till that moment. On doing so, it becomes an occasion where I can shift all the experiences and references I have collected so far to reconsider them all, leading to a step forward into the open-end tale that my practice is. Starting from reality, elaborating a critical interpretation of it to then shape it back in a constant dialectic process. My work is an exploration in which theory and practice, in numerous fields of interests, keep on intertwining, informing and contaminating each other, refusing any limiting labels and always re-moulding my forma mentis. 



CUOA Business School (Vicenza)

2017 - 2019

Royal College of Art, MA Interior Design (London)

2013 - 2017

IUAV, BA Architecture (Venice)


Central Saint Martins, Interior Styling for Photography and Advertising (London)

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Curriculum Vitae

As my practice spans over various field, feel free to enquire for a specific interest so a more targeted CV can be forwarded.


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