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The Stage - A Photography gallery for Rockarchive (London, UK), 2018.

Trying to find a red thread in the history of music, from The Sex Pistols to Ariana Grande, one of the main common aspects to all the singers portrayed in the photographs of Rockarchive is the fact that they all have been on a stage. 
The stage seen as an important point for the career of anyone of them, as well as the place in which mixed feelings came alive. Ideally, the idea is to bring them back on the stage, but the stage now is not anymore distinguished from the space in which the audience stands. 
A red semitransparent  silicon curtain shades the boundaries between interior and exterior, between clear distinctions, between what it used to be the stage and what the stage is now. It wraps the exterior, and so obliges people to pass through when entering, and then hides the archive when inside the gallery. 
A wood coated mezzanine (connect to the material used for the instruments and to improve acoustic of the room. Also the stair to go up is hanged to the mezzanine) is fluctuating in the middle of the space and it seems to symbolize that we are going to take a seat to look at something going on when the red curtain will open, but then actually the Stars are occupying the same space that a user can occupy, floating, hanged on a rail on the ceiling or lying over horizontal elements giving the birth to a new “concert”, a “Tribute concert” where, as Oscar Wilde appointed, “The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life.” 
The existing brick building will be just washed in white, a neutral cage ready to host an event with a neutral resin floor.
The new additions such as the connection between the two facades and the entrance area will be raw concrete with glass balausters: they are hosted elements, there just to carry out functional aspects ( Toilet, entrance, connection to the back courtyard and stair to go downstairs) and not to distract from the scene.
The main characters are the panels where the pictures will be displayed: they are adjustable sheets of Corten steel where the pictures will be stuck thanks to magnets. The lighting will be adjustable too, to follow the character.

Tutored by Steve Jensen.

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