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Reticolo Polimorfo, Sine Terra WAVe 2014 (Venice, IT, 2014).

Like a climbing shrub, so the volumes are articulated freely around the grid structure allowing versatility, differentiation and specification according to needs.

As in a mineral the same crystal lattice gets defined polymorphic if it can present different configurations, so the structure varies according to the bonds that it establishes with the earth. It gets on defining a variety of full and empty areas, open and closed spaces, green and white volumes, light and dark. The vertical momentum also defined an ordered "wood" of pillars that raises the grid to let the view run on the horizon. Resting on these stilts, which raise from the compromised ground pending redemption, care and solution, new levels are achieved. This medieval animal besieges the unlivable Marghera, compromised, polluted, regaining lands to return them to humanity. Starting from the ends of the site, extending along the coastal areas, between land and water, it assumes different declinations according to the functional needs. It is used a detachment from the polluted and inhospitable soil not ready to welcome anything yet and the Elevation is exploited to redeem the sky. A lifting of vital functions takes place and everything happens at new quote thanks to the Matrix that articulates the space and characterizes the reconquest, the recolonization.

Workshop Sine Terra, part of WAVe 2014. Tutored by Sara Marini and Benno Albrecht.

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