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Officine 25 Brera offices (Milan, 2022).

In via Palermo, in the heart of Milan, in a building that formerly belonged to Titti Fabiani's B Communications agency, there are the new spaces designed for Officine 25. Although these are offices designed for a reality that never stops growing and changing, the peculiar history of the context itself was a starting point, taken up through the reading and use of some historical design pieces, including the "Book" bookcase conceived and designed by Titti Fabiani herself in 1969, and the maintenance of the finishes that already characterized the aesthetics of the B Communications headquarters. The knurled aluminum floors, the high cable-concealing skirting board, the solid wood doors, the globe lights, the bricks left exposed, etc. have been maintained. These icons are combined with "fast" furnishings to ensure immediate availability when needed, so as not to hinder and be able to accommodate the rapid expansion that characterizes the dynamic soul of Officine 25 and around which the conception of the entire spatial organization has revolved. The results are versatile spaces, with infinite possibilities for reorganisation, in which no hierarchies are established and the welcome of customers, employees and friends is at the heart of the proposed layout.

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