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Matete Martini X Stephen Venezia (Pordenone, IT), 2020.

Randez-vous in Pordenone w/ Matete Martini #StephenVenezia_Stories 

"We went to Pordenone, north east of Venice, for the first stop of a wider journey that Stephen Venezia wishes to pursue meeting all those girls whom inspire our work and by whom we feel our values are represented.
We love the intrinsic beauty of everything that is imperfect and so, because of this reason, even more interesting. For us, this is a one-of-a-kind beauty, that empowers and makes everything unique. Everyone who goes out of the box, who follows his/her own road. Not a prefixed one, standardised and set in accord to common standards.
What is beauty, really? Everyone must be free in giving his/her own meaning to the word. We are curious to see how many definitions we can collect talking to people who inspire us from time to time.

We hung out with Matete Martini (alias of Francesca Martini) right before she met the art dealer she works with to discuss further projects. She welcomed us in her atelier in Pordenone, the space in which she lives and work and dream. We love Matete and her work and the smell of oil colours couldn’t be a better getaway to introduce us to her world.
Matete’s aesthetic is made of XX century furnitures she scouted in flea markets all around the world, artworks she produced, hanged and lay here and there of course, and memorabilia from the get-togethers she loves to organise/ is a master at organising.

For her, beauty as a classification is not interesting and it shouldn’t be considered something you can judge objectively. Matete stated clearly that, for her, “it is beautiful what lights a sensation up immediately into your body. It is a perception of pleasure that you feel and you have to declare. Beauty is what makes you miss a breath, what pushes you to run faster, to bring an action to its extreme, what generates a strong happiness within. It is the fulfilling sensation you get as if you were eating something as satisfactory as your watering mouth is fine after it.
Beauty gets tangible only when it wakes a sense up: it can be a perfume, a shape, a solid presence, a pleasant sound, an unforgettable taste. It is the sum-up of a series of feelings that carry on living in you even when the moment is gone, even after you perceived and enjoyed it; right as a memory does. Beauty is everything that stimulates these sensations.”

We can’t wait to hear what is going to be the next definition of Beauty we are going to hear from the incredible women we will meet.

Thank you Matete for hosting us. X"

Art direction, photography, copywriting

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