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Humanized Cityscape X FabFest '18 (London, UK), 2018.

The urban landscape has evolved to a place where buildings conquer the sky, towering at heights never reached before. The distance between the human scale and the architecture surrounding us has become greater and greater. The distance between humans has also grown - we now live in a world where people interact through machines, rather than face to face.  

Digitization has taken over into society distancing people from each other and making them fall into the individuality of a smartphone. Technology has invaded our cities, changing the relationship between people and their urban environments. 

Although a digital world can create distance between people, it can shorten the distance between them and their urban environments. If used differently, technologies have the ability to be integrated into our urban landscapes and without physically changing, these environments can update and adapt, understanding what is happening and who it is happening to, creating a personalized, connected and so more human environment.

Tutored by Steve Jensen, with Rhea Adaimi, Jiaqi Qi, Agniete Griciute, Stephanie Siu, Sutinee Prongmake and Yifan Wei. FabFest Website

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