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A Cloud of Light - An hair saloon (London, UK), 2018.

Approaching the theme of the air saloon I got to overthink about what cutting the hair means, the meanings connected to the action itself and the ones

which gravitate around it.

Briefly, it can be considered the mirror of a big change in someone’s life, marking a transition from a period to another, hopefully carrying a light to

illuminate the way. It is also a very particular moment in which, because of the the fact of having someone massaging our head and pampering us in a cloud

made of hot steam and pleasant scents, everyone feels free to talk and connect his/her most secret part with the hairstylist who becomes the director

of this healing ritual.

And so these have been the ingredients of my concept.

May it be a light when the rest of the city go out. A place where to go and find relief chilling in the Sun Pool in the ground floor to get your daily dose of

vitamin D even if you spent the day inside an office, while just having a coffee or waiting for moving upstairs for an haircut. Always immersed in a cloud of

light generated by the main lantern on the ceiling or the secondary ones that conquered the apertures, all of them amplified and helped by the dotted

mirrors. It evokes an ethereal zone of transition and transformation. When approaching the haircut, a secretaire will uncover demarcating your space for

your time.

Concluding, I see it as a cloud of light that, quoting J. R. R. Tolkie, can inspire us to shine our brightest light to be who we truly are.

A lantern to accompany in wanderings, a glimmer of light to follow in the gloom cause Midway upon the journey of our life we too got lost and felt the

need for something to light our way, helping us to face the darkness and find our next way.

Tutored by Olga Reid.

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