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Bianca Bonaldi X Stephen Venezia (Venice, IT), 2021.

Week break in Venice w/ Bianca Bonaldi #StephenVenezia_Stories 

"Venice, with its unique vibe, is always so overwhelming. It gets to the next level when you have a chance to spend a last-minute-arranged day with a local. In fact, it is through the eyes of someone living in town that you can reach that extra sensorial awakening provoked by every single stone.

We followed Bianca in one of her days at the cultural organisation she is working for. Sited in Palazzo Michiel, facing the Grand Canal, it has been founded by a Dutch artist and it is spread worldwide, promoting cultural exchanges by organizing international art and architecture exhibitions, symposia and a wide range of cultural projects. Not only with Europeans but together with people from all around the world.

Living and working in such a vibrant environment helps Bianca on evolving every day, together with her beliefs and conceptions of beauty.

“The visual enjoyment caused by living in such a unique city gives me a unique well-being, which is why I look for beauty everywhere. I take a lot of photos for archival purposes, everywhere I am, even only to remember compositions or moments of beauty and then rework them or simply keep them.

I like to seek the harmony of shapes and colours even when I travel, when I work and when I cook or prepare a table for myself or for my guests.

In my work, beauty is the most original engine since art has always had a lot to do with the perception of beauty or its antithesis. It was a challenge: as a person, in fact, I also clashed with the preconceived idea of ​​beauty and asked what it means for me.

I have never liked the standard values ​​proposed and perhaps I also dislike stereotypes of beauty since I have always had a more sensorial and emotional perception of beauty, therefore subjective; less tangible and more perceptive.

I have certainly chosen to work in the artistic field so that every day it can happen to see beauty. Every day is an occasion to evolve my taste, to enjoy what I see and to try to make it enjoyable also by others by sharing it.  This is the challenge that occurs when curating an exhibition or organizing it. Organizing an exhibition, in fact, can be complex because you have to be able to give a fruition of what you think is the beauty, you have to be able to provide the right keys of reading to ensure that the user can retrace and relive the mental and sensorial process that led you to experience some kind of stimulus first: the visual stimulus must occur first; any consideration can only happen later, it cannot be preconceived. “

Bianca summarizes her conception of beauty by taking up the definition of Kalokagathia, which indicates, in the classical culture, the ideal of human physical and moral perfection. It is the union of beauty and goodness, being beauty for Greeks an absolute value. For her, where there is beauty and kindness is where there is a win. It can happen that, sometimes, beauty can also come from a state of fear, discomfort or agitation.

“Basically, for me, beauty is emotion.”

See you soon Bianca!"

Art direction, photography, copywriting

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