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"La luce del futuro non cessa un solo istante di ferirci" x TEDxBassanodelGrappa, 2023.

A site-specific installation created for TEDxBassanodelGrappa by Riccardo Rizzetto, inspired by the themes of the 2022 edition "HOME: where do you belong?" and that projects towards TEDxBassanodelGrappa 2023 which will be held in October 2023.

Choosing a famous verse by Pier Paolo Pasolini as title, the site-specific installation by Riccardo Rizzetto presented for TEDx BassanoDelGrappa at the Loggia dei podestà in Piazza Libertà in Bassano del Grappa, aims to question the idea of the future, of evolution, of progress and the related notion of limit. Pasolini's verse is, in fact, a powerful metaphor on the meaning of that future which, by denying the past, disowns what has been and consequently any identity. In Il Pianto della Scavatrice, it is the machinery itself which, from the nearby construction site, lets out a cry: it is a moan of birth, that "cries what changes even to make itself better".


From the glimmer of light that opens up, from the possibility, unfathomable a priori, that something changes to improve itself, unwinds an interweaving of references to the classical age, to religious worlds, to ancient and contemporary stories. The installation focuses the attention on alternative ways of living and thinking, which are somehow inspired by the past in facing an increasingly homogeneous and globalized world. The packaging itself, the raw material of which the whole installation is made up, is nothing more than the synecdoche of a condition of generalized transience. Among the cracks of the doomed data, glimpses the desire to give them another chance, a longer life, which overcomes the trauma, the moment of discontinuity, and makes the obstacle an opportunity to evolve, to move towards a different future.


La luce del futuro non cessa un solo istante di ferirci (The light of the future never ceases to hurt us), transforms the spaces of the Loggia presenting large-scale installations, accompanied by some works on jute whose presence short-circuits the perception, activating a beneficial anguish of the present that does not make us forget how the limits are a complementary part of existence, that antipode that wishes to generate a sense-activating contrast that makes one re-orient.

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