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I am often asked why I keep two Instagram accounts and I have been asking the same to me as well as it could be a lot of work to run two accounts if you take it in the wrong way. I say the wrong way as I really do think that socials in general could become just a source of pure pressures and frustrations when the user become the tool of the social and not vice versa. After all the adventures I went through since I am online, I could say that I am finally at a point in which I am happy with the approach I have to socials as I do keep them as a tool for me and for my everyday life.

The first time I got online with an account somewhere in the net was at the age of 9 when I got my first PC and I always liked the fact of sharing, especially the pictures I was taking with my first camera that I got as a present for the First Communion by a family’s friend. Together with my passion (that became also one of my job later) of photography, the fact of having my own curated gallery to keep up with pushed me on exploring even in my darkest days, when I really just wanted to stay in bed. It has always been an incitement to discover and re-discover places, to meet people and to get informed and read around things/places I wanted to see/visit.

Talking about Instagram, it is for me a daily exercise to train my sensibility apart from being a good way to challenge my composition capacities. I would say that the act of composing is a common action (I would say the primary one) in everything I do, from photography to architecture, from designing an interior to writing an essay or do the styling for a shooting.

@Riccardorizz is where I compose framing what is around me and where I post about my everyday life; from the exhibition I go to to the moments with my friends and what I do in my working life. Always trying to spend some thoughts about what I see and what happens to me, the act of writing obliges me to go back to what I red and what I saw, against the fast-food-alike-image-industry of the snap-n-go approach.

@Riccardorizzetto_studio is where I re-frame things that have been framed by someone else. It is my occasion to get closer to a work of art, to have my personal take on a painting, selecting the details I have been poisoned by when experiencing the work of art in real life, making them mine, to a certain extent, as they become references for my works and they work on the unconscious, moulding my way of seeing/thinking and so coming back in my other works.

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