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The MOFR: The Museum of FuturRuins (Clandon Park, Guildford, UK), 2019.

The fire of 2015 has been considered as a one-of-a-kind occasion in the life of Clandon Park. This unfortunate event disrupted the perception of the Mansion, and changed its meaning as a building. Now, it is not a building anymore and its next meaning awaits definition. It can be considered as a non-object (Ferreira Gullar) in the current condition. The tragic event also points the attention out to the caducity (Sigmund Freud) to which all things are subjected of, built environment and any preconceived idea of beauty and perfection too.

This project aims to establish a new dialectic between the building itself, now a ruin, its estate, and the new and unique experience users can have. A new roof re-frames the building which becomes the first object displayed in The MOFR (The Museum Of FutuRuins). Like a russian doll, the promenade continues inside, at multiple levels, where some salvaged artefacts are brought back to life and displayed in the space. The new framing roof doesn’t stop the weathering from carrying on, even increasing the ruination of the buildings, increasing the passage of time and the resultant marks as an extra and unique value, an extra layering of time. 

The building could be defined now as a quasi-object (Michel Serres), so rich in meanings and values just when connected to the use of it and to its power on enlightening the reasonings of each visitor. It works as a machine à penser, exposing the materiality that was behind the plastered walls and highlighting the precariousness of everything and its intrinsic beauty. 

Tutored by Professor Graeme Brooker, National Trust, Allies and Morrison, Sadie Morgan from dRMM.

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