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The A I.D Il cyberbullismo oltre le parole, La Vaccheria, Roma 2023

Curated by Riccardo Rizzetto, The A I.D: il cyberbullismo oltre le parole  is an immersive experience born on the initiative of the ACLI of Rome and from the creative idea of the advertising agency DDB Group taking place in April 2023 at La Vaccheria, in Rome. 

In an attempt to break the wall of silence that a victim of cyberbullying may have to raise, The A I.D: il cyberbullismo oltre le parole (cyberbullying beyond words) offers a reinterpretation of thirty stories as examples of redemptions that have taken place. They are evidence of an alternative way of living the same memory, the subject of a creative reinterpretation that generates a new awareness of sense that has the strength to make a traumatic experience take on a different connotation.

From the shipwreck caused by that set of aggressive and intentional actions, inflicted by a single person or a group, artificial intelligence offers an opportunity for rescue by listening to and translating a subjective story into objectively perceivable images. It acts as a megaphone, amplifying the pain of those punches thrown from behind a screen to a universally perceptible level.

The pain of those moments that thus find an opportunity to emancipate themselves and become an opportunity for reflection and sharing is brought into focus. A glimmer of light opens; a restart now finally seems plausible and a new direction gets inspired, in an attempt to suggest that the real possibility of taking a first step towards change lies in training in tuning with the other.


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