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Memorabilia (Italy, 2022 )

Commissioned installation presented for the first time during Milan Design Week 2022 at the group show "Urban Matte(s) - Material reduction for a lightr city" at Superstudio for Circularity and Haiki+.

Memorabilia: lat. memorabilia, nt. pl. of memorabilis, -and “memorable”. events, facts worthy of being remembered. By extension, works, characters, spec. of the world of entertainment and culture, which have become an object of worship. memorable adj. [from Lat. memorabĭlis, der. to memorize "remember"]. - Worthy of being remembered; it is generally said of facts, events, periods of time, or even of words, that they have in themselves something great, something glorious, or are for some reason famous.
Objects bearers of meaning and significance of their individual existence, but which may have different resonances in the collective, historical or social one depending on the experiences present behind the other gazes from which they will be observed. They become a springboard for the imagination, like the bare, sparse text, largely devoid of detail narratives that characterize the Brothers Grimm fairy tales in which, however, enormous amounts of information are conveyed in a very short space, with very few words.


“What fairy tales show, I think, is that it is the reader - or the listener - who actually tells the story to himself. The text is nothing more than a springboard for the imagination. 'Once upon a time there was a girl who lived with her mother in a house on the edge of a large wood'. You don't know how the girl can be [and who she looks like], you don't know what color the house is, you don't know if the mother is tall or short, fat or thin, you know almost nothing. But the mind will not allow these questions to go unanswered; she fills herself in detail, creates images based on her memories and experiences - this is why stories resonate so deeply within us. The listener becomes an active participant in the story. " Paul Auster

40X40X120h cm
Metal, wood, golden paint, latex ballons. 40X40X120h cm

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