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Decentral Art Pavilion at Palazzo Lolin Giustinian (Venice, 2022) during Biennale Arte 2022

Decentral Art Pavilion 23 aprile- 20 June 2022

The Decentral Art Pavilion, in parallel with the Venice Art Biennale, opens its doors on April 23, 2022 at Palazzo Giustinian Lolin. Curated and organized by Florencia S.M. Brück, Javier Krasuk, Diego Lijtmaer and Simone Furian, with installation design by David Rodríguez Gimeno, and the photography section curated by Arianna Grava, the exhibition entitled “Singularity” will feature works by Beeple, Coldie, Aaron Penne, Studio Drift, Justin Aversano, XCOPY, Raphael Lacoste, Trevor Jones, Michael Yamashita, Annibale Siconolfi, Maxim Zhestkov, Filip Custic, Matt DesLaurier, as well as over 200 NFT works of art created by 80+ leading international artists shaping the NFT space.


“Singularity” is a deep-dive into decentralized art, aiming to educate, engage and enthrall the aficionado, the collector, and the public at large; in such a fast-evolving creative dominion it is crucial to foster a dialogue around NFTs and their impact on mainstream art, in order to develop a wider public understanding and appreciation of decentralized technologies. This engaging and lucid exhibition is the first anthological presentation of world-acclaimed NFT artworks, casting light on the spectacular culture around the NFT community, while fostering artistic experiences that determine the social significance of digitization for future generations. “For the first time in history, the blockchain evolves beyond its foundations in niche tech communities, NFTs are transcending industries and transforming economies: the Decentral Art Pavilion is an international event that focuses on the artists, companies and individuals using Non-Fungible Tokens to advance adoption of blockchain in the art world.” says Florencia S.M. Brück. “We are experiencing an unprecedented artistic evolution where contemporary art expands in the blink of an eye. This expansion requires a dialogue with traditional mechanisms so that all digital or analog artistic variants can coexist in a future where the blockchain will be part of our daily lives.” adds Javier Krasuk.


Thanks to the enthusiastic support of key stakeholders in the NFT and blockchain world such as SuperRare, Art Blocks, Dolce & Gabbana, Blue Swan and Over the Reality, the exhibition will be a unique opportunity for art and NFT technology to meet, and an unmissable chance to enjoy and understand the very best of NFT art, within the splendid setting of time-honored Venetian palazzo.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Decentral Art Pavilion during the Venice Biennale,” states SuperRare co-founder and CEO John Crain. “We believe that digital artwork is at the vanguard of the art world and this showcase during one of the leading art events in the world cements the status of NFTs as a medium of the future.”

In the words of Erick Calderon, Art Blocks CEO and founder “At Art Blocks we celebrate the intersection of art and technology, with the mission of elevating generative art in the art world. This is why we are excited to collaborate with Decentral Art Pavilion during Venice Biennale. The exhibition exemplifies the depth and breadth of artistic expression made possible through creative coding and showcases a range of approaches to generative art from some incredible artists.”

“AKQA exists to create a better future with our clients and, since ever, we believe in the imaginative application of art and science to create beautiful ideas, products, and services. The artistic and digital nature of the NFT art is contigue to our DNA and the partnership with the Decentral Art Pavilion project seemed to us un unmissable opportunity to actively support conversations and sharing on the contribute and the revolution that these new decentralised artworks are bringing to culture and artistic expression” – Umberto Basso, AKQA Managing Director.


A particular section of the Decentral Art Pavilion space, entitled “0.14”, is curated by Robert Alice and proposes to retrace the early history of the movement that has shaken the contemporary art world. Displaying some of the most significant early works viewers are invited to discover and understand the historical lineage of NFTs, the pioneers that brought them into being, and the different sub-genres that have emerged out of these early works at the very genesis of this field.


Open to the public and free to attend from April 23 to June 20, the Decentral Art Pavilion will also host 8 weekends of thematic NFT activities, among them Generative Art curated by Art Blocks, Photography and NFTs curated by Arianna Grava, Women and NFTs curated by AKQA, Fashion and NFTs, Music and NFTs, and a series of live discussions, entitled Alternative Spaces, that invite audiences to think further about digital ownership, provenance and the future of art.


More on the Weekend Program will be unveiled soon on

The exhibition and its activities will also be virtually accessible at the Decentral Art Pavilion Metaverse. The Over The Reality partnership allows Decentral Art Pavilion to create an Augmented Reality (AR) event. Participants using the Over The Reality mobile platforms will be able to see the NFTs overlaid all around Venice. The Decentral Art Pavilion will encourage the dialogue around NFTs and their impact on mainstream art, in order to develop a wider public understanding and appreciation of decentralized technologies.

Exhibition design team: production, human resources, construction. Exhibition design by David Rodriguez Gimeno.


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