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Brexit Chair Italy, Secature w/Steve Jensen Design (Bassano del Grappa, IT), 2019.

"A European Creative Collaboration. This project was devised attempt to understand the fragile relationships between the UK and our European friends.

SJd loves Europe, but does the European Union represent the aspirations or needs of its citizens or is it a political construct which may need refinement or re-imagination? The UK voted to leave the Union, is this a damning reflection of our xenophobia or just a country wrestling with our place in the scheme of things and questioning the status quo? The European political Union is not the only important aspect. We are part of Europe and we always will be, so we need to keep talking, making work and scenarios which combine our talents and develop relationships, we will always need each other and we become better by doing it. We have asked several of our European friends to create Brexit chairs, cut and paste responses to our situation, we have no answers yet but perhaps we can have a party at the end."

Steve Jensen

My chair/sculpture brings together 20 chairs meaning the 20 Italian regions into one great chair.

‘The Italian Brexit Chair moves from considering the act of breaking, of cutting, not considering it as a separative action anymore but as an actual occasion to unify. 20 chairs that were supposed to be discharged metaphorically represent the 20 regions of Italy and thanks to the act of cutting apart they are reassembled in a unique body, finding the occasion to evolve’

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