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Fabrizio Plessi, L’Età dell’Oro

Just recently ended the installation “L’Età dell’Oro”, through which Fabrizio Plessi wanted to pay hommage to his City of election, Venice.

A pioneer of the video art in Italy, as his first video installation dates back to 1970, Fabrizio Plessi is an artist who traces a formal mark steeped in philosophy, in which art is a thought that takes shape in space.

For this installation, in St. Mark’s Square, cascades of digital gold flow down from the windows of the Correr Museum. The golden shower contains the words "Pax Tibi", the incipit of the phrase printed on the Gospel that the Venetian lion holds between its paws and which constitutes the motto of the city. "Pax tibi, Marce, evangelista meus" (Peace may be upon you, Marco, my evangelist) are, in fact, the words that, according to a legend, an angel who appeared in a dream to Saint Mark, landed on an island in the Venetian lagoon, would have pronounced, as if to signify that the saint would have found rest, veneration and honor among the Venetian population.

“L’Età dell’Oro”, this powerful and disruptive magmatic loop showcased in the heart of what was once the Serenissima, is a suspended and circular time, which without nostalgia but with a concrete sense of the present envelops Venice, a city today wounded but of an eternal and incorruptible beauty. It is an emotional evocative dialogue of symbiosis with the gold mosaics of St. Mark's Basilica, a tribute to the Venetian goldsmith's art, to the beauty that survives everything, to the infinite refractions of light that water generates everywhere in the city. Venice is suspended, but not as before. Look for new ways: how and when will a new Golden Age arrive? ✨ #Venice #FabrizioPlessi #TheGoldenAge


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